Security Survey – helping you meet British standards

I am not just a Locksmith. I will survey your property to ensure it is up to minimum British insurance standards.

I draw on my locksmith background plus extensive practical experience in security survey’s to assess your property’s safety, specialising in the physical security of your home or business including windows & doors. I assess all aspects of the risk factors influencing your safety to meet insurance standards.

Most people sign their property insurance documents and just pop them in a drawer without reading the fine print, but you could be receiving a premium discount for confirming that the minimum security requirements are met. Did you know that when you sign your agreement you are actually signing to say that you meet those insurance minimum standards and conditions? In other words, by agreeing to the fine print but not being up to the minimum standard, you could potentially not be insured should you have a negative experience.

Keep your family, tenants and employees SAFE and SECURE

British Standard Rim Night Latch

My property survey determines and assesses your security risks and give you a recommendation that is within your budget so that your home meets minimum insurance standards. With my survey, you can rest assure that your property is not at risk.

Put your mind at rest today

Letting agents, landlords, business owners and homeowners – if you require this service please contact me today for a thorough security survey.


British Standard Rim Night Latch (Yale type)



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